The Essential Part of Any Flooring System

A flooring system is only as strong as the bond that secures it to the substrate. The best way to get the strongest possible bond is the meticulous preparation of the substrate’s surface. That is where QC Companies’ trained staff and specialized equipment come in.

Our expertise in surface preparation extends beyond concrete to include wood and brick substrates.

Surface preparation is essential even before applying moisture control, installing an underlayment, or doing anything else to smooth or repair the substrate. It is the first step, regardless of whether your flooring system will consist of concrete coating, polished topping, polished concrete, or even carpet or vinyl.

The key to proper surface preparation is to ensure that the substrate is completely clean. The surface must be free of oil, grease, wax, dirt, asphalt, dust, paint, latex and gypsum, as well as any other residual curing or sealing compounds. In fact, any contaminant remaining in the surface can result in a weaker bond and needs to be eliminated.

QC Companies can ensure that your substrate is sound and ready to perform as part of any flooring system. Our highly trained personnel stand ready to apply their years of experience to almost any situation. Also at the ready is the region’s most comprehensive stock of grinders, blasters, and other specialized equipment and tools.

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  • The QC Consultation Process
  • Evaluation, Analysis and Consultation
  • Site Preparation and Application

The QC Consultation Process

Whether consulting with contractors, developers, facilities managers or architects—whatever the flooring option and no matter the project’s scope—we stay focused on one thing: a consultation process designed to deliver the best floor for your specific needs.

Evaluation, Analysis and Consultation

We first perform an onsite evaluation, analyzing the findings and consulting with you to learn everything we can. Is sanitation a concern? Is there exposure to extreme temperatures, heavy machinery, or caustic chemicals? Are aesthetics important? Or is it more important to withstand high foot traffic? Maybe both are important?

Throughout the process, we explain the options, working toward the optimum mix of durability, aesthetics, and overall value. Plus, before making our formal recommendation, we get approval from the supplier of the proposed flooring system.

Site Preparation and Application

With a plan in place, we turn our attention to site preparation. We may need to demolish the existing flooring. The substrate may require an underlayment or even patches. Perhaps we’ll need to remove the base before installing a new topping or coating. We can manage any of these needs.

Close working relationships with leading suppliers ensure the selection and proper application of the appropriate polish, coating, or topping. No matter the flooring system, we stand ready with a battery of specialized equipment that includes six 3- to 4-headed diamond grinders, five Blastrac shot blasters, and numerous hand grinders, as well as an ample stock of onsite tooling. The sheer number of machines we have available prevents delays from breakdowns or multi-site jobs.

From the first walk-through to the last pass with a buffer, each new step in QC Companies’ consultation process builds on the last to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Supermarkets & Other Retail
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Stadiums, Arenas & Other Assembly Facilities
  • Vet & Boarding

Food & Beverage Processing

Rely on QC Companies when sanitation is an overriding concern. Because they are non-porous, these floors are impervious to microbes and other contaminants. That feature makes it easy to wipe up liquids, grease, grime or any other spill. It also makes these floors tough enough to endure relentless cleanings with harsh compounds and other industrial cleaning techniques. That means QC floors will withstand all the rigors of bottling plants, distilleries, and other food processing facilities.

Recommended Systems


Non-porous, impervious flooring systems from QC Companies combine sanitation and aesthetics. That makes them perfect for a complete range of pharmaceutical facilities. Consult with us to develop and apply the right system for your R&D laboratory, manufacturing plant, vivarium cage-wash area, or any other setting with similar challenges.

Recommended Systems

Supermarkets & Other Retail

Shopping malls, supermarkets, big-box stores, and other retail facilities pose a complex set of challenges. That is why QC Companies pays special attention to developing and applying flooring systems that are attractive, durable, easily cleaned, slip-resistant, and capable of meeting a range of inspection requirements.

Recommended Systems

Industrial Facilities

Floors in industrial facilities must be able to endure constant abuse and extreme impact. Let QC Companies engineer the flooring system to meet the specific demands of your factory, warehouse, or other facility. Our flooring systems withstand heavy loads, the movement of vast equipment, and constant forklift traffic. In addition, you can count on our SRS Degadur flooring to repel acids and other harsh chemicals.

Recommended Systems

Commercial Kitchen

Bakeries, restaurants, hotels and other commercial kitchens must meet a battery of exacting requirements. A flooring system from QC Companies can help ensure that your facility is in compliance with relevant local, state, and federal regulatory agencies—without sacrificing aesthetics. In addition to being attractive, our flooring systems are durable, slip-resistant, stain-resistant and capable of being installed without unnecessary costly downtime. Also, with the optional antimicrobial additive, you get the extra level of protection that can be critical, especially behind equipment or in other hard-to-clean areas.

Recommended Systems

Stadiums, Arenas & Other Assembly Facilities

Durability, slip-resistance, and ease-of-maintenance combine with excellent weatherability to make QC Companies' flooring systems perfect for a wide range of sporting and other public-assembly facilities. Depend on QC Companies to develop and apply flooring systems throughout your facility. From seating areas to concourses, concession areas, restrooms, and locker rooms, you and your customers will benefit from surfaces that are clean, hygienic, attractive and resistant to spills and stains.

Recommended Systems

Veterinary/Animal Care Flooring

When the safety and hygiene of your employees and your animal patients are top priority, depend on QC Companies to supply the best flooring solution. QC floors are non-porous, which makes them impervious to microbes and biological contaminants. In addition, options are available that prevent slipping and resist the growth of bacteria and staining. These qualities deliver a floor that is easy to clean and keep looking new, even when using tough detergents. It is also highly durable, with a surface that stands up to whatever hits it. Because of the non-slip feature, staff as well as sick or injured animals will be able to walk with confidence on a QC floor. In addition, if an animal claw should leave a gouge, it can be repaired easily with a spot application of the resin that composes the floor. All of this means that a QC floor is the ideal flooring system for Veterinarian & Boarding environments.

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